In this article, I’m going to do a tool review of the DeWalt DW745. It’s the saw I’ve been using for over a year now. I’m going to show you my thoughts on it, pros and cons, and if it is a tool or a saw that you should consider buying or not. Let’s check it out.

I’m going to talk you through a couple of the features of this saw. I will list all the features down in the description so you can see for yourself, but the first thing is just the on and off switch. It’s really easy to disengage if you needed to do that. Right beside that is the wheel to put the blade up and down. The max height of the blade is three-and-one-eighth of an inch. Right beside that is the lever that you can use to move the angle of the blade. It will go all the way up to 45 degrees. And on the right-hand side there is a lever that locks the fence in place. If you disengage that, you can use this wheel on the front to move the fence left and right. It goes all the way to 20 inches on the left side of the blade of rip width.


  • Site-Pro Modular Guarding System allows for tool-free adjustments of the guarding components appropriate for each application
  • 20 in. of rip easily cuts a variety of larger shelving and trim materials
  • Rack and pinion fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth, and accurate
  • Telescoping fence rails retract to create a small, portable package
  • On-board storage provides easy access to the Site-Pro guarding components and push stick when not in use
  • Metal roll cage base offers greater durability than plastic bases
  • Shoe bevels 0° to 45° for beveled cuts
  • Weighing only 45 lbs, the DW745 can easily be moved on and off the job
  • Adjustable rear feet designed to level the saw on uneven work surfaces
  • Dust port allows for 2-1/2 in. vacuum hook up and minimizes clean up
  • 24T carbide blade enhances cut quality and prolongs blade life
  • Table coating reduces friction for smoother cutting

And then here’s the throat plate to change out the blade. It comes with two wrenches to be able to take the blade on and off. It does come with a 24-tooth construction blade, but that’s easy to replace. It is a 10-inch blade. And then to take the riving knife off the back, there is just a small lever you kind of twist and then push and then it pulls out, very convenient.

Because this is a portable saw, everything stores on the side. So you got your two wrenches for the blade, you got your riving knife, and that just stores in with a wing nut, and then you also have a blade guard, and then a kickback guard that all stores here on the side. And it’s built on a roll cage type of construction. So if you have to move it around a lot, it can handle it.

Now moving onto the fence. This fence is really easy to remove. In case you need to do any larger cuts without a fence, you can do that. And then it just snaps right back in place. You can adjust how far away from the blade this is. Also, the storage for the push stick is right there on the back of it. Another cool thing is when this fence is pushed out beyond the table, this little arm swings down to extend it a little bit to give you a flat surface. That’s the basics of this saw.

So let’s talk about the pros and cons of this table saw. When I was first in the market a couple of years ago to get a table saw, I really didn’t know what I was looking for. I didn’t have a big budget, and so this is kind of where I landed.

So a couple of the pros of this saw is that it is really small, condensed, and it’s light. If you have to move your saw around the shop a lot, which I do, that is a plus. It’s also a really lightweight, and it’s extremely powerful. The first time I used this, I was really surprised how much power it had. There’s only been one time where I’ve had a little bit of trouble. I was cutting through a pretty thick piece of oak, and other than that it’s been really strong. It’s been strong enough to handle anything I’ve put through it thus far.

Another pro I would say this saw has is the dust port on the back. These things can make quite a mess, and I have a small dust collection system that I can just plug the hose right in the back of it. It makes it a lot nicer, so that definitely is a plus.

And the last thing that is a big pro is the price. This saw comes in at a very good price point. I haven’t been around saws that long, but I know that for what you get with this saw, it comes in at a great price.

So now let’s talk about a couple of cons with this saw. And the first one right up front is the 20-inch max rip width. I wish I had a few more inches when it comes to ripping a sheet of plywood. Now, I do have a Rip-Cut by Kreg, which has a 24-inch, so I can rip a sheet of plywood in half. This one only has a rip width of 20 inches, which kind of is a downfall to this saw. Actually, if it’s one thing that I would say is the worst thing about the saw, it is the 20-inch rip width. So there’s that. This is not really practical to put full sheets of plywood through this anyways, so for your normal small-scale type stuff, 20 inches is fine, but it would be nice to have an extra four inches just to do a little bit more with it. I’ve run into some problems with it.

Another con would be the small tabletop. I wish it was a little bit larger so that I could do some more things or have a way to expand it out. Now, I think DeWalt has another model that does just that, but for this one that is a con in my opinion.

Another con could be the fact that this is so light. Now, it’s great that it’s light because if you have to be really portable with it, but I have this in my woodshop, so I have it on a base and I have casters and I have locks on the casters. Now, if I’m trying to push a piece of wood through it that’s giving me a hard time, the saw wants to move a little bit. And now I haven’t drilled down to my base, so it’s not moving from the base, but it wants to roll, it wants to kind of give a little bit because it’s so light. Which this is a contractor saw. It’s not made to be heavy and to be beefy and to be really fine. I understand that, but if it was a little bit heavier, it could be a little better. That’s just the con in my opinion.

Another con, in my opinion, would be the fence. Now, the fence just isn’t that rigid. It’s really easy to take on and off, but it just seems like it’s not extremely accurate. Although you can adjust it a little bit with an Allen wrench, I just feel like it’s not the greatest quality.

And then the last con that I have for this, although this thing is extremely powerful, I feel like when you flip it on initially it has a surge of power. I don’t know if it’s a lot of torque or a lot of initial power to get the blade going. It’s actually flipped a breaker in my shop a couple of times. Now, it doesn’t typically happen on a normal basis with anything else, so I think it’s something with this saw. Again, just my observation about that.

There’s no sponsorship or affiliation with this company at all. I’m simply just giving you my input on this saw. When I was looking for a table saw, I couldn’t find a good review out there about any saw. So I wanted to give you at least a good review about this one, so if you’re making a decision on a saw then you would have a good resource.

So the big question: would I recommend this saw? And my answer is yes and no. I think for a first saw, this is a great saw to learn on, or if you’re a contractor and you need to travel with it and you need the portability, this is a very, very good saw. However, if you’re wanting to do more woodworking or fine type of stuff where you need accuracy and you need rigidity and you need to do some hardwoods, I would not recommend this saw. I don’t know that it has the beefiness that you need for that type of thing. I know that’s kind of a weird answer, but depending on what you are using this for is what I would recommend for this saw. It’s a good saw. It’s been a great saw for me. I’m probably going to upgrade very soon, but that’s what I would say as far as my recommendation.

I’m going to link a couple of videos right here of some projects I’ve used this saw for, just so you can get a feel for how I’ve used it. But leave me some feedback in the comments below if you liked this review or if it helped you.