This is the Husqvarna 390, it’s the second biggest saw that Husqvarna sells here in Sweden, but this is not the saw we are reviewing today. This is the Jonsered 2147, a really nice medium sized saw for firewood production, but this isn’t the saw we’re going to review today either. Today, we’re going to review this little beast.

This super lightweight but still very powerful saw, is very popular among homeowners who just have to do a little work around the homestead. It is also very popular among chainsaw carvers. If you have to walk a long distance to carry a chainsaw just to do a little work, this might be it. This is the smallest of STIHL’s professional chainsaws and it has 1.8 kilowatt which is 2.41 horsepowers. This, in relation to a 3.9 kilogram weight, which is 8.6 pounds, makes this a super strong but compact saw.

It is a 35 cubic saw that is very popular among arborists, with a top handled version. Just like all the latest models from STIHL, this is a super modern saw that comes with the M-Tronic and optimized fuel consumption. Our local STIHL dealer was so kind to let us borrow this brand new chainsaw and it came with a 12 inch bar. The reason why we are interested in the saw is for our light thinning and firewood size forest that we have a bunch of on our farm, and that’s where we want to use it and put it to the test.

And here it is, the STIHL MS 201. It is a super lightweight saw but don’t be mistaken, it is a professional saw and it has a lot of power.

They also put the nut on here that doesn’t drop and I noticed that the on-off switch when you turn it to zero and switch the saw off, it pops back into the start position. All the STIHL models didn’t used to have those features.

If there’s one word with which we could describe the saw, it would be that it flies. Tim actually felt like flying himself at times because he is used to a much heavier saw. That being said, it might be of interest for you guys to know that for just a little more pocket change you can actually get the slightly bigger STIHL 241. It comes with half a horse more inside and it is more of the traditional chainsaw shape. So, if you decide to skip your Starbucks drinks and Bog Mac for a couple of days, you can actually have the money for this bigger saw.

I didn’t feel at all that this saw was slowing me down or make me less productive because of lack of power, I think it has great power for the size, it’s completely sufficient for this kind of work and it’s just really much easier on your body. Even just starting it, pulling on the pull cord is just way less resistance than on a bigger saw. And you shouldn’t be put off by it looking a little funny and not having the traditional shape of a chainsaw. It is well balanced, it handles great and it’s just due to the compact design that it looks the way it does. It’s super functional, so no worries about that. I own the older model of this size chainsaw by STIHL, which is the STIHL 200, and I own the 200 T to be particular, the top handled version, which is legendary for its power and how perfectly came as a stock saw.

Compared to the 200 and T, I would say that this saw doesn’t come any shorter. However, my 200 T is quite old and well used and this is brand new, so I don’t know how fair the comparison is. As far as the older 201’s that were introduced to the market about, my guess is close to 10 years ago, they didn’t have a good reputation at all. As a matter of fact, there’s stories about customers trading in their old saws for a 201 and coming back a week later to get their old saws back because they weren’t happy with the 201’s. So they really were not very fun to run and they had issues.

That being said, this 201 handles much different. I’ve been exposed to one of the other 201’s at work and it’s a really frustrating experience to work with it. This one, however, is totally different and probably due to the M-Tronic technology that’s inside of it and some other changes they might’ve done.

One thing I was missing when working with it is a sightline, a proper one up on top, or maybe here to sight in your tree. It has a sight line here, which is not black but is there over here it has a black one and it works if you take the Humboldt method, but if you do the traditional Swedish way, which I call it, you would like to have one here and it doesn’t have that. There’s sort of a line here, it’s not really meant to be there, but it’s covered by the handle. So that’s one improvement I wish they would do on it.

So it is very obvious that when you talk about this saw that you pay for the compactness and the lightweight. So, we hope that you really enjoyed this review, leave your comments and questions below, suggestions for other reviews, we are open to that and we really enjoyed the saw, I think it is a great little beast, like I said in the beginning, and I would really like to own one.