Garden furniture should be practical. Firstly, furniture from any material can sometimes be tidied up under a canopy from heavy and prolonged rain or even strong winds (I once watched as a wicker chair, picked up by a strong gust of wind, flies through the fence). And in late autumn and winter, garden furniture must be removed from the “street”. Secondly, walking through a skillfully designed and created garden, you will certainly from time to time discover a change in mood and a desire to relax in one corner or another. Therefore, the garden furniture should not be heavy, easy to move. The susceptibility of the materials of which your furniture is made to the environment must not be neglected. In the garden, it is advisable to use furniture that is resistant to temperature fluctuations, humidity and direct contact with water and sunlight. Of course, I really want to put beautiful wicker furniture made of natural rattan or vine in a secluded corner of the garden or on the lawn. If you really want, then you can. But then you must put up with the idea that at night or in wet weather you will have to bring your comfort and, in all respects, charming wicker chairs, chairs and sofas into the house or, in extreme cases, under a canopy.

Significantly more resistant to weathering is teak furniture treated with special septic tanks and impregnation. When choosing it, it is worth paying attention to the fasteners and connecting elements. It is better if these are parts and mounting dowels from the same teak, rather than gluing or metal screws. And already perfectly ideal material for the manufacture of wooden furniture is Merbau. By mechanical strength, density, resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations, this tree surpasses all known wood species. No wonder military boats and weapons are made from this tree in South Asia. It looks great, but over the years it only becomes more solid externally. This is furniture for several generations. Maybe you want to DIY furniture? Try the best 9-inch miter saw blade.

However, furniture made of natural wood is not an expensive thing. And for garden use, they often buy furniture made of artificial materials or metal. Furniture made of artificial rattan looks almost the same as furniture made of natural rattan, it weighs slightly more and differs by touch, but it suits “for all occasions.” Plastic, steel or aluminum products do not look so chic, but they are cheaper and more often, more practical than furniture made of natural wood. Often on sale, there is furniture forged or manually bent from a thin steel profile. Forged furniture sometimes looks just great, but quite heavy. Bent gracefully and weighs less. Aluminum furniture is good, but it has less mechanical strength than steel. Furniture made of plastic is light and very diverse in color. But it is also less durable than steel or even wooden. A significant place in the manufacture of garden furniture is glass. It gives a special sound to furniture ensembles in the fresh air. And the glass used for this, as a rule, is quite durable. One trouble – there is no light glass. Parts of furniture made from various kinds of textiles: upholstery, curtains, curtains, pillows, draperies – all these textile charms should not be too easily soiled and easy to clean. The choice of materials is very large. And he is wholly behind you. In a beautiful and proper garden, a person can feel equally joyfully sitting in a chic marabou chair or in wicker made of artificial rattan rocking chair or in a comfortable chair made of plastic.

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